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4 IT Basics For A Secure Network

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise for businesses. The Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of corporate data breaches increased to $3.5 million in 2015.

This means that businesses must take every potential step to stay secure if they dont want to pay the skyrocketing costs associated with data breaches. If you are one of the businesses worried about the problems data breaches can cause, lets go over four basic IT security precautions that are easy and cost-effective to employ.

  • Encourage Strong Passwords


    Passwords are the foundation of security within the world of business. It only takes one high-level person with a weak password for hackers to crack even the strongest of security protocols. Ensure that you encourage strong passwords within your business. Encourage employees to mix capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols into their passwords. Explain why the default password and passwords containing words are weak. Mandate that login information is refreshed routinely. Employees should be required to use new passwords every 30 to 90 days.


     Implement Mail Filtering


    Spam accounted for 66.34 percent of all email during Q1 of 2014 according to the 2014 Quarterly Spam Statistics Report. Many of these emails utilize phishing, which means that spam represents a large threat for businesses.

    Solving this threat may be as simple as filtering it before it reaches its intended recipients. Advanced software filtering can offer a way to neutralize the threat of email spam and phishing before it reaches vulnerable recipients.

    The best part is that this filtering can be something as simple as PGP email encryption or something as comprehensive as inbound email filtering.


    Utilize Third-Party Network and Security Support

    There is only so much that your business IT department can do. They can only monitor threats to your business while they are present. Third-party network and security support services from companies like Bedrock IT offer managed services in Ottawa, Canada, and represent one way for businesses to stay secure 24 hours a day. These services can be used to supplement your existing IT network security, or they can be used to free up your IT staff to focus on securing other areas of your business.

    Promote Critical Thinking


    The 2015 Cyber threat Defense Report for North America & Europe found that phishing, malware and zero-day attacks give IT departments the most trouble. The common thread amongst these threats is that they leverage faults in critical thinking to gain access to work systems. The weakest link in IT security will always be the human one.
    By training your employees to think before they act and to doubt, you will help to significantly strengthen the final line of cyber defense within your business. Strengthening Your Network Security by Focusing on the Basics.
    The four techniques listed above represent a solid start for securing the IT side of your business. Some techniques will provide more security than others, but each will make your business less of a target for cyber attacks. These basic security practices will make your business less of an easy target for attackers to target. They will help significantly reduce the threat of cyber attacks, which can be further mitigated by embracing new security measures and more robust security policies.

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7 Technologies All Small Business Owners Need To Implement

Last year small business owners took the ‘wait and see approach’ but 2016 is the year we ‘go for it!’ this is the year we become an authority in every right. We have to appreciate the fact that tech is a constantly evolving field and for us to keep up in our business ventures, we have to move with the flow.

7 Technologies All Small Business Owners Need To Implement

I Am Stanley Meytin and will now introduce you to a world of tech that is sure to propel your small business enterprise to levels of success that even you never thought possible.

Paperless Technology

First came the desktop computer, then the laptop and we are now in the era of the tablet which has made carrying your computer as easy as carrying a clipboard. Paperless archiving is a popular trend for not only cost saving but also organization, not to mention saving on space.

Massive Data Storage

Today, we have more data than ever at our fingertips. What does this mean? Knowledge is power and MONEY and as small business owners, we have to realize the potential of all the available information on the internet. We can use the right data to narrow down and pinpoint our target customers, create accurate and well-informed business projections and consequently make well-advised decisions on all fronts.

Social Media Marketing

I like to think of social media as the answer to my marketing prayer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social media is all the rage and social media marketing is undoubtedly the most popular and most efficient way for us to connect with our customers and drive our sales through the roof.

The only challenge is that successful social media marketing requires a major time commitment as potential and existing clients respond best to businesses that stay active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But, the returns you get will be well worth the effort!



Tailored Mobile Apps


This is another of my favorite small business technologies. You can find apps that can handle many of our administrative functions that otherwise eat up money and time. The most popular business apps are those that control remote document access, GPS navigation, travel planning and contact management.

Remarkably Fast Internet Technology

As small business owners, most of us rely on the internet for a significant chunk of our business operations, while some of us operate entirely online. Investment in high-speed internet is, therefore, a necessity for any small business enterprise as you are going to save a lot of time by using internet based operations and also save time by reducing downtime on unloading websites.

Mobile & Online Banking

Gone are the days of queuing in a bank to access banking services. Personally, I maintain a business account that I can access from my phone at any time of day. This is great in the sense that I am always able to keep an eye on my business’ financial situation and I can also take payments and transfer funds, all from my phone.

Cloud Computing and Remote


Today you can run an entire business sitting behind a computer. Yes, you no longer need a physical office to do your business. You can use Dropbox, Google Docs, iCloud and other cloud storage sites to store valuable data and connect virtually to freelancers around the globe.

This year, you can significantly improve how you do business with the right tech choices for your company. Feel free to contact me, Stanley Meytin, for tech advice on how to take your small business enterprise to the next level.


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