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10 Best virtual world games like IMVU 2019

IMVU is one of the best virtual world game that was introduced way back in 2004. In this game, you can create virtual 3D avatars and interact with other players in the universe. So, if you are an avid fan of this game and enjoy playing this particular title, you will enjoy today's article. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10+ Games like IMVU. So, read along.  

Top 10 Alternatives to IMVU

1. OurWorld

This game is specially designed for teenagers and young adults. All the characters in the game are developed keeping in mind about such young users. The most fascinating thing about this game is you do not need to download anything and can play the game directly in the browser. In OurWorld you need to create an account and after that, you can customize your 3D avatar. The game has all the important features such as interaction capability, virtual currency, etc.

2. Club Cooee

Club cooee is another great game where you can select your avatar and chat as well as chill out with friends as well as thousands of online players. Consequently, the Club Cooee chat community is loaded with possibilities. You can register for free and enjoy the game.

3. Twinity

In Twinity’s free 3D world and 3D chat community, you can create your avatar, party with friends, dress-up, go shopping and interact via 3D chat and animations. Get creative and design your virtual apartment in an authentic real virtual city or create your island to host parties, flirt and lead an extraordinary life!

4. Avakin Life

With over 1.5 million+ downloads in the Google Play store alone, this game is killing MMO titles. It has some great features which make it stand out like:

  • 1. 3D virtual reality world where you can become the person you always wanted to be!
  • 2. Chat and meet with thousands of people.
  • 3. Create your perfect second life!
  • 4. Role-Playing game with dozens of exciting locations! Go to clubs, the beach and many more places!

5. Smeet

Smeet is a 3D browser-based social game where you can find thousands of players in a 3D virtual world. Certainly like any other MMO games you can meet new people and experience new adventures. In this game, you can play cool games with other users as well as different quizzes. You can collect points to increase the level as conquer several quests with random players as well as your friends. When you are bored you can even visit live online events and watch videos together.

6. Second Life

Second life is another great alternative to IMVU. It is a free game and was developed in 2003. You will find a lot of fun activities like clubs, dates in this game. The virtual currency used here is Linden dollar which you can use to make any transaction in this universe. You can also convert it into US dollars, which is excellent if you want to have an allowance and fun at the same time.

7. Virtual Droid

Virtual Droid is another open-world 3D simulation game which is a great alternative to IMVU. You can make new friends as well as play with your friends. Some features of the game include:

  • 1. Socialize with thousands of people
  • 2. Add your friends to later travel to your home
  • 3. I chose your language in different worlds
  • 4. Challenges parkour and hidden skins
  • 5. Variety of worlds to choose

8. Lady Popular

Lady popular is another great alternative to IMVU. As like other games you will be able to create a 3D avatar and continue playing with the same. You can customize your avatar as per your likes. In this game, you have to compete in the Fashion Arena and your main goal is to earn more money than your opponent.

9. Roblox

Roblox was one of the first game to popularise the virtual genre games and is one of the most successful 3D virtual game. It is very much similar to IMVU. This game will be best for persons who like to imagine and can be played with friends or 1 million+ daily active users on its platform. Most importantly it is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore). Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment.

10. The Sims

Another great simulation game like IMVU. This game revolves around the virtual life in the sims city and is developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts.

List of Top 10 Games like IMVU

So, these are games that are discussed above and each one is better than the other. You should try all the mentioned and find out which one of this you like the most.

  • 1. OurWorld
  • 2. Club Cooee
  • 3. Twinity
  • 4. Avakin Life
  • 5. Smeet
  • 6. Second Life
  • 7. Virtual Droid
  • 8. Lady Popular
  • 9. Roblox
  • 10. The Sims

Final Verdict

These are all the best games that you can find which is quite similar to IMVU and has their uniqueness. You should enjoy playing these games. So, we recommend you to try all the discussed games and comment which you like the most.